2017 has been our most successful and fulfilling year podcasting.  We released 44 episodes released in 2017, our best year to date. As always it is great to sit down and chat with friends from all over the world working in #sportsbiz and share their successes with our avid Sports Geek listeners. In case you missed any episodes throughout the year, we've broken down the episodes in to the following groups:

  • Digital activations
  • Esports
  • All things AFL
  • NBA Digital Focus
  • Fan Engagement
  • Sponsorship & Commercialistion
  • The world of NRL
  • Sports & Technology
  • Digital trends & Strategy
  • Life after sport
  • Sports Geek Bonus episodes

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Digital Activations around the globe

Jeramie McPeek on Suns & Super Bowl social and his time at Phoenix Suns and what it is like running social for Houston Super Bowl. Read more

New York sports digital scene with Jayne Bussman-Wise, one of New York's most experienced sports business professionals. Read more

Behind the scenes of Detroit Tigers digital with Mac Slavin as he discusses his role in the changing digital landscape. Read more

Digital with Kevin Kinghorn of the Vancouver Canucks and how these strategies are building relationships with their fans. Read more

Social, AR & OTT Kansas City Chiefs style with James Royer, our very first Sports Geek guest. Take a listen to what James has been up to since our last interview. Read more


Daniel Ringland from Riot Games on esports growth, League of Legends and where  fits in. Read more

Unikrn – esports, betting & cryptocurrency – a whole new world. Rahul Sood talks about esports, rise of gambling on esports and cryptocurrency. Read more

Nigel Smart on entering sports business and esports and what process they went through to become the first Australian sporting team to dive into esports. Read more

What you need to know about esports, a great episode to learn more about esports and who their fans are. Read more

All things AFL

Developing athletes off the field with Paul Marsh and the role the Players Association provides in supporting players throughout their football career as well as transitioning to life after football. Read more

AFL, Audiences & Growth with Darren Birch and what the AFL are doing to grow new audiences and future proof their sport. Read more

Digital in Tigerland with Brad Paton and how the Tigers engage their passionate fans, the Tiger Army. Read more

NBA Digital Focus

BruCast – Daniel Brusilovsky from Golden State Warriors on growing up in Silicon Valley & innovation. Read more

New brands and buildings with Timberwolves' Ted Johnson and how is bringing the basketball and the business closer together. Read more

Emerging technology in sports with Cavaliers' Damion Chatmon and why fans always come first. Read more

Fan Engagement around the World

Andrew Collins on understanding Chinese sports fan and how Mailman are helping some of the world's largest sports brands understand the market. Read more

Big content from Arsenal to Adele with ANZ Stadium's Greg Sleigh and how it continues to evolve for events in sports and entertainment. Read more

Edmonton Oilers & giant bobbleheads with Ryan Frankson and the importance of enjoying the big moments. Read more

The Yinzcam story with Priya Narasimhan and how one hockey game changed Priya's career path. Read more

Zach Monette on inspiring a global fan base through pro cycling whilst focusing on the message to inspire and change lives. Read more

Understanding database marketing with Spencer Horner from LA Galaxy. Spencer talks about how they are converting ticket holders to “members” and the initiatives in place to feel “part of the club”. Read more

Steve Conley on making the career jump from tech to data and how the RedSox are targeting their types of fans differently. Read more

Sponsorship & Commercialisation

Digital in LA with Clippers' Jennifer van Dijk and why you should “Follow the money”. Read more

Doug O’Donnell on setting the table for digital revenue and how the Spurs align brand equity with sponsors brand to still provide “fan first content”. Read more

Arsenal fan engagement with Chris Harris and engagement with commercial outcomes. Read more

Sponsorship and Sports Business with J.W. Cannon and how digital has changed sponsorship but the fundamentals remain. Read more

Talking Facebook and Sports with Jacob Berman and how they are helping sports teams leverage fan bases to drive commercial results. Read more

Sports Geek & Tradable Bits = Sports Geek Campaigns to help teams drive more revenue from sponsor digital activations. Read more

The world of NRL

Sports Geek Podcast CEO Series: Blake Solly – South Sydney Rabbitohs. Blake talks about running an NRL franchise, data insights and dealing with players under pressure. Read more

Driving Origin digital success up north. Jason takes us behind the scenes of the Queensland Maroons. Read more

Dave Ray on NRL, Twitter and podcasting. Sean and Dave discuss where the sports digital rights landscape is moving. Read more

Sports & Technology

Catapult sports changing high performance with technology and how their partnership with the AFL assisted to launch into the global market. Read more

Powering video across the sports social media world with Aviv Arnon and how one word in a meeting with the NBA changed everything for WSC. Read more

Robots, VR, Innovation with Nancy Bennett and how VR storytelling differs from traditional storytelling. Read more

Sports, tech and stats with Nick Maywald and the rise in demand for stats from leagues & fans alike. Read more

Digital trends & strategy

The changing landscape of sports TV consumption. Chris Wagner chats about  how Neulion is bringing content directly to customers on every device imaginable. Read more

SXSW 2017 recap with Lenny Goh from Tradable Bits. Lenny and Sean discuss their highlights and main takeaways from the conference. Read more

How is a Sports MBA different to a regular MBA? Scott Minto from San Diego State University talks about their Sports MBA program and why sports teams need “the best of the best”. Read more

Life after sport

Nitro Athletics & Bolt ready to impress with John Steffensen. John and Sean chat how Nitro will bring athletics into today's changing sports landscape. Read more

Sally Phillips connecting kids with WNBL’s elite and the  work that Sally and her team did to get the WNBL back on TV. Read more

Nick Holland on Football, Law and EJ Whitten. Nick talks about how he prepared for life after sport whilst still playing AFL. Read more

Sports Geek Bonus episodes

Top 5 tips for athletes on social media with a platform by platform breakdown on how they should be used. Read more

Sports Geek on 2017 Internet Trends. Sean reviews the Mary Meeker report from the sports business perspective. Read more

Bonus Episode: “The value of the big 3” Sean Callanan keynote. Read more

#AskSportsGeek show: Sean throws the mike out to the #SportsBiz slack community for the first “Ask Sports Geek” podcast. Read more

#AskSportsGeek – Digital trends, Linkedin, esports, Facebook & more. Read more

Bonus Episode: Peter Beattie on 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games legacy and the benchmark that Melbourne set in 2006. Read more

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