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#AskSportsGeek – Digital trends, Linkedin, esports, Facebook & more

On this week's episode Sean throws the mike out to his followers on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and the SportsBiz Slack community for the next instalment of  "Ask Sports Geek". Some of the questions for this episode include: What are some of the smartest things you're seeing teams do with Facebook ads and what [...]

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Digital with Kevin Kinghorn of the Vancouver Canucks

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Kevin Kinghorn, Senior Director - Digital and Marketing for Vancouver Canucks to discuss their digital strategies on building relationships with their fans. On this podcast you'll learn about: How they are building the relationship with the fan and treating them as members of the Canucks family How [...]

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Bonus Episode: “The value of the big 3” Sean Callanan keynote

On this week's episode, we take a different approach and share with you a keynote from Sean's recent work at the Australian Council for the Arts Marketing Summit. Sean spoke at the conference for his CHUNKY media business, sharing insights from the sports industry and "The value of the big 3" in social media [...]

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#AskSportsGeek show

On this week's episode Sean throws the mike out to the #SportsBiz slack community for the first "Ask Sports Geek" podcast. With nearly 750 members, Sean thought it was a good opportunity to answer some of the questions of those within Slack to share with podcast listeners. On this podcast you'll learn about: The different channels available [...]

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Talking Facebook and Sports with Jacob Berman

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Jacob Berman who works in the Global Marketing Solutions team at Facebook in Austin to discuss how they are helping sports teams leverage fan bases to drive commercial results. On this podcast you'll learn about: The constant evolution in the Facebook ad space How sports teams can gain [...]

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Arsenal fan engagement with Chris Harris

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Chris Harris, Managing Editor (Digital) at Arsenal F.C. Chris is also another guest from the #SportsBiz Slack community with now over 700 people. On this podcast you'll learn about: The fight for  fans attention The importance of storytelling.... players are the key How Arsenal are growing their followers [...]

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REPLAY: Mark Cuban – Dallas Mavericks

This is part of the Sports Geek Replay series where we are posting some of the best Sports Geek Podcast episodes based on download, listener and social media feedback. Today's episode is with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban originally posted on 3rd October 2014. Why Mark built Cyber Dust Why athletes are loving [...]

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Federico Smanio on fan engagement at grass roots in Italy’s Lega B

In this episode Sean Callanan chats with Federico Smanio, Head of Digital Transformation and Fan Relationship Management of Italy's Lega Serie B. On this podcast you'll learn about: Federico's involvement in starting up Lega Serie B Connecting fans and the emotional connection they have to their "local" clubs Concentrating on developing local talent for Italian football [...]

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Blair Hughes interviews Sean Callanan on Sports Geek Podcast

In this episode the tables are turned with Blair Hughes from Audio Boom interviews Sean Callanan you will learn about: Where Sean's passion for sports comes from How Sports Geek business card idea came about How Sean nearly started working in sports in 1993 Why Sean was behind the first AFL Club TV show - Bulldogs [...]

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Anthony Everard on Big Bash League creating young cricket fans

In this episode I catch up with Anthony Everard who is head of Big Bash League, on this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: What it is like starting out a new league The importance of starting afresh with team based around cities How important the youth market is to Cricket Australia Why Channel Ten's [...]

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