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Sean understands the sports digital landscape, that’s why he started Sports Geek. Working with clients across the sports digital world he helps teams & leagues drive more revenue from digital and is focussed getting "cheeks on the seats" in stadiums. You can hear him on Sports Geek Podcast or presenting keynotes at sports conferences around the world. Send him a tweet @seancallanan or message him in #SportsBiz Slack community.

Andrew Collins on understanding Chinese sports fan

On this week’s episode Sean catches up with Andrew Collins, CEO of Mailman Group as part of the Sports Geek CEO Series. Sean chats with Andrew about how Mailman are helping some of the world's largest sports brands understand the Chinese market. On this podcast you'll learn about: Andrew's desire to work in China and [...]

#AskSportsGeek – Digital trends, Linkedin, esports, Facebook & more

On this week's episode Sean throws the mike out to his followers on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and the SportsBiz Slack community for the next instalment of  "Ask Sports Geek". Some of the questions for this episode include: What are some of the smartest things you're seeing teams do with Facebook ads and what [...]

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Sports, tech and stats with Nick Maywald

On this week's episode, Sean catches up with Nick Maywald, Group Managing Director at Genius Sports. Sean and Nick chat about the rise of sports & tech especially the rise in demand for stats from leagues & fans alike. On this podcast you'll learn about: How Genius Sports was formed through the coming together [...]

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Dave Ray on NRL, Twitter and podcasting

On this week's episode, Sean catches up with Dave Ray about his career in sports & digital with NRL, Twitter and podcasting. On this podcast you'll learn about: Dave's career before sports including working with Spongebob Squarepants Insights into working with a digital rights holder at Telstra Where the sports digital rights landscape is [...]

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Daniel Ringland from Riot Games on esports growth

On this week's episode, Sean catches up with Daniel Ringland, Head of Oceanic esports for Riot Games. Sean and Daniel chat about esports, League of Legends and where #sportsbiz fits in. On this podcast you'll learn about: Where Riot Games fits into the esports landscape and is the developer, publisher and league operator of [...]

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Doug O’Donnell setting the table for digital revenue

On this week's episode, Sean catches up with Doug O'Donnell, Senior Director of Digital Communications at Spurs Sports and Entertainment.  Sean chats with Doug about his agency experience and how they measure digital and the strategy they put in place to develop content that resonates with Spurs sponsors and fans alike. On this podcast you'll learn [...]

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Nick Holland on Football, Law and EJ Whitten

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Nick Holland from the EJ Whitten Foundation as part of the Sports Geek Podcast CEO Series.  Sean chats with Nick about football, law, governance and blockbusters. On this podcast you'll learn about: Nick's background as a professional footballer and how he prepared for life after sport whilst still [...]

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Sports Geek & Tradable Bits = Sports Geek Campaigns

On this week's episode Sean chats with Lenny Goh, Director of Business Development from Tradable Bits. Sean visited Lenny in their Vancouver office recently to discuss new partnership to help teams drive more revenue from sponsor digital activations. On this podcast you’ll learn about: Lenny's background and his role at Tradable Bits How Tradable Bits and Sports [...]

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The Yinzcam story with Priya Narasimhan

On this week's episode Sean chats with Priya Narasimhan, CEO & Founder, YinzCam, Inc. Sean and Priya finally coordinate their travel plans to geek out in Melbourne about apps, stadiums and the evolution of fan engagement. On this podcast you’ll learn about: Priya's story and how one ice hockey game changed her career path How Yinzcam started as a [...]

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Big content from Arsenal to Adele with ANZ Stadium’s Greg Sleigh

On this week's episode Sean chats with Greg Sleigh, General Manager, Business Development at ANZ Stadium. Sean chats with Greg about his career at ANZ Stadium and how it continues to evolve for events in sports and entertainment. On this podcast you'll learn about: How Greg's career has evolved from commencing in the venue management at ANZ [...]

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