In this Sports Geek Throwback episode, Sean Callanan interviews Jeff Reibel, CEO of North Queensland Cowboys from episode 308,

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Key Takeaways

In this Sports Geek Throwback,  Jeff and Sean discussed unique proposition of partnerships.

    • Insights on how partnerships in the sports industry can be leveraged for mutual benefit
    • Challenges and opportunities in creating and managing partnerships
    • Strategies for forging successful partnerships and the key factors for maintaining these relationships
    • Exploring how these partnerships can contribute to the overall success of a sports organization

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Sean: How do you address the challenges and opportunities of being remote in the North, away from the hustle of Sydney, yet having a large presence? How do you promote Townsville both locally, leveraging the social outreach opportunity, and nationally, through TV and digital mediums, compared to the ease of being in Sydney? What are the unique challenges and opportunities Townsville presents?

Jeff: Attracting people to North Queensland was challenging initially. However, our brand's growing recognition has drawn in larger companies. Next year marks our 20th year as North Queensland Toyota Cowboys, a partnership we're proud of. Toyota's ten local dealerships play a vital role, allowing us to engage with the community.

We have partners with over 20 years of loyalty who have remained with us through ups and downs. Our club structure prioritizes relationships; we have three account executives taking care of our partners. We're the second largest commercial program in the NRL with arguably the longest longevity, which is a testament to our strong relationships.

Once people experience North Queensland, they appreciate the support structure we offer, which is even more important for players moving here from far away. When a player relocates here, they're not just changing teams, they're moving their entire life. We therefore ensure a tight-knit community supports them. We can engage with both local and national interests, demonstrating that we can hold our own and punch above our weight.

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