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If you're looking for the latest trends in sports marketing then Sports Geek is the podcast built for sports executives.

Sports Geek is listened to by sports marketing and technology executives in the USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Learn from sports CEOs, sports marketing leaders, sports technologists on the latest sports business trends, marketing campaigns, fan engagement strategies and sports technology implementations.

If you love sports and what to know happens behind the scenes then then look no further.

Sports Geek Podcast hosted by Sean Callanan – Latest episodes

What you'll get

Sean Callanan interviews with sports digital marketing and sports business professionals from the US, UK and Australia.

Stay in the know so can help you deliver great results to the most important people, your team's fans.  Find out what is happening on the latest social media platforms and what teams are doing to engage fans and more importantly drive business results from your digital channels.

The latest takes on developments in digital and technology as Sean chats with technology providers looking to deliver the connected fan experience.  Please connect with the Sports Geek Podcast listeners on Twitter.

Sports Geek is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher & Pocket Castsplease let us know if you are having trouble accessing the podcast.

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Latest in Sports Marketing

Sports Geek Podcast is hosted by Sports Geek's own Sean Callanan.

Sports Geek Podcast listeners span the globe with downloads from over 100+ countries clocking up over 600,000 downloads that feature interviews with sports business professionals from EPL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, AFL, NRL and NCAA.

Started in 2013 the Sports Geek Podcast has gone from strength to strength thanks to the quality of guests on the podcasts, if you are new to the podcast please check out our archive with over 200 guests representing over 100 sporting organisations.

With over 130+ iTunes reviews globally we have been humbled by the response to the podcast and the feedback from the sports business and sports marketing community is the primary reason the podcast thrives.

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