A look behind Australian Open (#AusOpen) digital

On the final Sports Geek Podcast of 2013, we chat with Kim Trengove and Daniel Lattimer from Tennis Australia as they prepare for the Australia Open. On this podcast you’ll find out about: What the Australian Open hope to achieve at Australian Open Plans for Social Shack at Australian Open Why Instagram is a growing [...]

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How we got 1 Million YouTube views in under 48 hours with Life Size Lego Car

What a busy week it has been at Sports Geek as we have been working hard on a secret project that has taken the internet by storm the last few days.  We have been a patron of the Super Awesome Micro Project over the past 80 weeks, helping a teenage genius Raul Oaida and Melbourne [...]

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Humour & Twitter, Social Media Year in Review & why Snapchat is not worth it

Cricket takes the headlines again this week but unfortunately for the wrong reasons with a poor tweet offending Indian cricket fans.  We chat with Francis Leach on ABC Grandstand about that tweet and what options teams have when advertising on social media.  We look back at the Year that was on Facebook & Twitter.  I [...]

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Summer of Cricket & managing YouTube viral hits

This week on Sports Geek Podcast it’s Cricket season as summer hits down under and England are taking on Australia in the Ashes.  With Francis on ABC Grandstand look at mobile apps and where does audio and live play by play fit in? On Harftime we chat about YouTube, is it just for viral hits? [...]

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Digital and Crisis Management with Essendon FC ‘s Justin Rodski & Marc Bertieri

This week on Sports Geek Podcast we head out to see the new digs for Essendon Football Club in the AFL now named True Value Solar Centre.  I chat with Justin Rodski & Marc Bertieri about the tough year the Bombers had with the ASADA investigation dominating their season and how they plan to bounce [...]

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What does Twitter IPO means for sports and Blue Jackets on Ticketnet

Twitter is now a public company, will it's focus on profits change the experience for sports fans? On Grandstand we discuss Twitter IPO and we discuss strategy how digital plays a big role in fan development. Then we chat with Director of CRM and Analytics at Columbus Blue Jackets Jeff Eldersveld about how he uses Ticketnet [...]

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@Arsenal content strategy and @WestCoastEagles digital plans

Richard Clarke is the managing editor for Arsenal Media Group driving all the content for Arsenal fans around the world, we chat with him on ABC Grandstand.  In a recent visit to Perth I sat down with Matthew Gepp to discuss what has worked for West Coast Eagles and what they have planned for 2014. [...]

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Shane Harmon on digital & venues and #WarriorsLive

Westpac Stadium CEO Shane Harmon chats about his experience with Rugby World Cup in 2011 and his new role at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.  On Harf Time we look look back at why #WarriorsLive was a success bringing fans into the huddle at a preseason practice. On this podcast you’ll find out about: What sports [...]

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Collingwood TV to The Club with Jonathon Bernard on developing your video audience

Collingwood Digital Media manager Jonathon Bernard discusses the importance of story telling for Collingwood TV and The Club on this week's Sports Geek Podcast.  On Harf Time we look at what the NBL needs to do to reconnect with a lost generation of fans. On this podcast you’ll find out about: Why The Club format changed [...]

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Calls to action in Sports TV Advertising and Clippers explain Variable and Dynamic pricing

What is the best call to action on television advertising?  Send fans to domain or encourage the social conversation?  In this Sports Geek Podcast we discuss that with Adrian Kinderis and look at the advertising from the AFL and NRL Grand Finals on comparison with NFL Super Bowl.  Education is a big part of sales process as [...]

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