Michael Brown on a life in sports business, now it’s time for Asian Cup

On this week's episode, Sean chats with Michael Brown, CEO of the Asian Cup Local Organising Committee as part of the Sports Geek CEO series. In the lead up to Christmas some people are winding down but not Michael Brown and his team at the Asian Cup with a major football tournament on 9th January [...]

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Bryan Srabian on digital the San Francisco Giants way

In a long overdue chat Sean catches up with Bryan Srabian, Digital Digital Media at the San Francisco Giants about his role at the Giants and how digital has changed over the years On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn: Why winning is a great marketing strategy but you can't bank on it What [...]

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Fiona Green on understanding your fans using CRM

This week on Sports Geek Podcast we chat with Fiona Green about Sports CRM and understanding the CRM process over the tools used. On the Sports Geek Podcast you will learn: Importance of CRM strategy Process first, then automation is the key Recency, Frequency & Value Where social fits in to CRM What other data you [...]

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Adam Bader on engaging Real Madrid digital fans

This week on Sports Geek Podcast we chat with Adam Bader about his time at Real Madrid growing the digital platforms to reach Real Madrid fans around the world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Phillip Hughes family and our friends in the cricketing industry. On the Sports Geek Podcast you will learn: How [...]

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2015 Trends: Paid vs Earned & Sports Geek Mailbag

This week I dive into the Sports Geek Mailbag to answer YOUR questions, including: Will Twitter Instant Timeline attract new users? Will Twitter users hate "while you were away" tweets? Facebook clamps down on promotional posts what does this mean? Trends for 2015 - Paid vs Earned Media Should I write a book? [...]

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Finn Bradshaw on Cricket Australia digital revamp

This week I catch up with Finn Bradshaw about his background in News, his time at the Herald Sun, how Australia won back the Ashes during his first year with Cricket Australia as well as the role that the new Cricket Australia website will play for the new season ahead. Finn's first year with Cricket Australia The [...]

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Russell Scibetti on Sports CRM & Business of Sports

This week I catch up with Russell Scibetti about his sports business career, his time at the NY Jets and now in his new role at Kore Software.Things you'll learn in this podcast include: How Russell got his start in sports business Russell's background as a geek Importance of getting his MBA Key takeaways from [...]

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Rob Squillacioti on A-League’s hot start to season 10

Season 10 of A-League has kicked off with bigger crowds, bigger TV ratings and bigger buzz, I catch up with Rob Squillacioti to discuss scheduling, fan experience and football.  On ABC Grandstand Francis Leach and I discuss the NBA season and my new hero Rikk Wilde.On this podcast you’ll learn from about:Importance of scheduling to [...]

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Ted Johnson on Timberwolves rebuild

Ted Johnson is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Minnesota Timberwolves and has a background in politics that has served him well helping the Minnesota Timberwolves upgrade practice facility and their home court the Target Center.On this podcast you’ll learn from about:How NBA teams are in an arms race for better facilities for players & [...]

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Kevin Cote from Golden State Warriors & Jesper Nyholm on engaging Danish Olympic fans through health

On this week's Sports Geek podcast I catch up with a couple of good friends on on either side of the globe. Kevin Cote from the Golden State Warriors and Jesper Nyholm from Danish Olympic Committee about video, engaging fans and digital initiatives in health. On this podcast you’ll learn from about: What an off [...]

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