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Interviews with sports executives working in the MLB

Steve Conley on making the career jump from tech to data

On this week’s episode Sean catches up with returning guest, Steve Conley from the Boston Red Sox. Steve chats to Sean about making a career jump from tech to data. On this podcast you'll learn about: The changes Steve has seen at the Red Sox since he joined in 2001 The challenges of adding [...]

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Behind the scenes of Detroit Tigers digital with Mac Slavin

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Mac Slavin, Digital and Social Media Specialist for Detroit Tigers to discuss his role behind the scenes in the changing digital landscape. On this podcast you'll learn about: The importance of the off season and still engaging the fan How the Tigers are developing their strategies for [...]

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Greg Mize from Atlanta Braves on hackathons, innovation and content

Sean catches up with Greg Mize, Director Digital Marketing at Atlanta Braves on the latest podcast. Greg talks with Sean about hackathons, innovation & content.  On this podcast you'll learn about: How MLB share resources to ensure road game coverage matches home games How the Atlanta Braves are using Facebook Live How Instagram Stories may help Snapchat [...]

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Bryan Srabian on digital the San Francisco Giants way

In a long overdue chat Sean catches up with Bryan Srabian, Digital Digital Media at the San Francisco Giants about his role at the Giants and how digital has changed over the years On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn: Why winning is a great marketing strategy but you can't bank on it What [...]

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Josh Tucker from LA Dodgers & AJ Maestas on sports social media fans

Been a busy few weeks at Sports Geek, last weekend at the SCG I caught up with LA Dodgers Social Media Manager Josh Tucker who was in town for Opening Series.  AJ Maestas from Navigate Research for a chat about his study into sports and social media fans. On this podcast you’ll find out about: [...]

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#SEAT2013 mega interview podcast

Here is the the mega interview SEAT Conference edition of the Sports Geek Podcast in this episode you'll hear from Kevin Naylor (Indiana Pacers) and Steve Conley (Boston Red Sox) what it is like working in the sports IT industry, Russell Scibetti (New York Jets) will continue his Q&A of Paul Greenberg on CRM and we look back at [...]

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#GnominAround, Wallabies & Socceroos, Twitter Ads

Recorded this Sports Geek Podcast from the couch as the achilles is on the mend, this week we chat to Travis LoDolce from Oakland Athletics how the activated fans and local sponsors with a Grant Balfour #GnomingAround promotion.  We also look at the Socceroos qualifying for World Cup and at the Samsung Stadium activation for the [...]

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