BONUS: Sean Callanan on Digital Sport Leaders Podcast

BONUS episode - This is a replay of the Digital Sport Leaders where Daniel McLaren chats digital & sport with Sean Callanan.  Once you listen you should subscribe to Digital Sport Leaders podcast for further episodes. On this Digital Sport Leaders podcast you'll learn about: How Sean works with sports teams and how it has changed over the [...]

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Nick Truelson on the historic Western Bulldogs premiership win

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Nick Truelson, Chief Commerical Officer for the Western Bulldogs. In the "year of the underdog" in sport, Nick chats with Sean about the Bulldogs historic premiership win, ending the longest premiership drought in AFL history. On this podcast you'll learn about: How the club has changed since the [...]

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John McCauley on the challenges of technology vendors

On this week's episode Sean catches up with former guest, John McCauley. John was previously at MLSE in Toronto and is now Managing Director of GJM Media. John chats with Sean about the challenges of technology vendors and how he has worked with multiple vendors over the last few years trying to bring a vision to [...]

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Ian Padgham on how to give your brand a fresh look with video

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Vine superstar, Ian Padgham. Ian is an artist and is widely regarded as a Vine expert working with a many global and well known brands. On this podcast you'll learn about: How Ian's career led him to making Vine videos What is was like in the early days at [...]

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Scott Kegley from Minnesota Vikings on Vine, Snapchat & LOUD fans

On this week's episode Sean catches up with a previous podcast guest, Scott Kegley. Formerly at San Francisco 49ers and now the Executive Director of Digital Media & Innovation at Minnesota Vikings. On this podcast you'll learn about: How to align your digital team to team goals How you can improve your digital output during a season How Vinekings [...]

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Josh Biren from FamousFan: Sports Start Up Series

This week's episode is the first in our Sports Start Up Series featuring FamousFan. Sean catches up with Josh Biren, Co-Founder & Chief Hustler at FamousFan. Breaking away from our traditional episode format, we take a new approach (think "Shark Tank") where Josh will pitch what Famous Fan is and Sean will play role of the Sharks asking questions [...]

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Eric Blankenship from Tampa Bay on membership sales and connecting fans around the globe

Sean catches up with Eric Blankenship, Manager - Vice President of Marketing at Tampa Bay Lightning - Tampa Bay Storm - Amalie Arena on the latest podcast.  On this podcast you'll learn about: How Eric started in his career and coming home to Tampa Bay What marketing strategies they are using to achieve season ticket sell outs What [...]

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Joe Gottfried from MLSE on integrating partners in digital

Sean catches up with Joe Gottfried, Manager - Digital Media Sales for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment on the latest podcast.  On this podcast you'll learn about: Why less partners that do more is better Key rules MLSE partners must follow for digital campaigns What partners are looking for in successful campaigns How important building trust between digital [...]

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Greg Mize from Atlanta Braves on hackathons, innovation and content

Sean catches up with Greg Mize, Director Digital Marketing at Atlanta Braves on the latest podcast. Greg talks with Sean about hackathons, innovation & content.  On this podcast you'll learn about: How MLB share resources to ensure road game coverage matches home games How the Atlanta Braves are using Facebook Live How Instagram Stories may help Snapchat [...]

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Adam Martin: Makers of Sport Crossover episode

Sean catches up with Adam Martin, founder of Makers of Sport. In this special crossover episode you will hear from both Sean and Adam on both side of the interview desk. On this podcast you'll learn about: How Adam started Makers of Sport and his passion for podcasting How sports design is more than just [...]

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