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Social, AR & OTT Kansas City Chiefs style with James Royer

On this week’s episode Sean goes "back to the future" and catches up with James Royer, the very first guest of Sports Geek back in 2013. Now Director of Digital Media & Strategy for Kansas City Chiefs, Sean and James discuss his role along with social, AR and OTT the Chiefs way. On this [...]

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Jeramie McPeek on Suns & Super Bowl social

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Jeramie McPeek who discusses his time at Phoenix Suns and what it is like running social for Houston Super Bowl. On this podcast you'll learn about: Jeramie's experience with Phoenix Suns starting back in 1992 (and the changes he saw in his 24 years there) What entrepreneurial [...]

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Scott Kegley from Minnesota Vikings on Vine, Snapchat & LOUD fans

On this week's episode Sean catches up with a previous podcast guest, Scott Kegley. Formerly at San Francisco 49ers and now the Executive Director of Digital Media & Innovation at Minnesota Vikings. On this podcast you'll learn about: How to align your digital team to team goals How you can improve your digital output during a season How Vinekings [...]

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Eric Fernandez on turning fan passion into brand passion

In this episode I catch up with Eric Fernandez, Founder and Managing Partner of SportsDesk Media. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: Turning fan passion into brand passion Data is meaningless, insights are invaluable Eric's thoughts on how sponsorship changed in last 15 years How Cleveland Browns nabbed a new sponsorship simply from [...]

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Steve Ziff from Jacksonville Jaguars on London, Sales & Arcade Games

Steve Ziff is the VP, Marketing & Digital Media at Jacksonville Jaguars on this podcast he chats about sales programme Jaguars Black, NFL in London and arcade games.  On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: Why Steve believes data is the quarter in the machine You won't believe how much data Duval Dash has generated How he transitioned [...]

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Russell Scibetti on Developing CRM in Sports

Recorded in New York City Sean catches up with KORE Software's Russell Scibetti his home town after a successful SEAT conference. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: How Russell handled the move from team side to vendor side moving from Jets to KORE What Russell is looking to delivery to [...]

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Scott Kegley on 49ers digital in new Levi’s Stadium

On this week's podcast, Sean chats with Scott Kegley, Director of Digital and Social Media at the San Francisco 49ers. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn: The inner workings of the 49ers' Digital & Social Media Team and what's unique about them. How to be a social media manager for [...]

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Brad Mayne on stadium technology & Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium

Brad Mayne was one of the key people I met on my very first #SportsGeekTrip when he was CEO of American Airlines Center in Dallas, he is now CEO & President at MetLife Stadium in New York I catch up with him to discuss his career in sports and his recent experience hosting Super Bowl [...]

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Kenton Olson on Seahawks, Super Bowl & 12s

Last time I caught up with Kenton Olson he was in the midst of a playoff run that saw the Seahawks win the Super Bowl. We discuss that experience and what they are planning for the season ahead.  On ABC Grandstand I chat with Francis Leach about the rumours that Google should be a bidder on [...]

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Trifecta: Technology, Digital & Fan Engagement

On today's podcast I've included one of the panel discussion's I moderated at SEAT in Miami.  We looked at where the fan was headed and how will sports serve fans in the future.  It was great to have several different perspectives on the panel with Leagues (NFL and MLB), teams (New England Patriots), media (ESPN) [...]

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