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Big content from Arsenal to Adele with ANZ Stadium’s Greg Sleigh

On this week's episode Sean chats with Greg Sleigh, General Manager, Business Development at ANZ Stadium. Sean chats with Greg about his career at ANZ Stadium and how it continues to evolve for events in sports and entertainment. On this podcast you'll learn about: How Greg's career has evolved from commencing in the venue management at ANZ [...]

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Emerging technology in sports with Cavaliers’ Damion Chatmon

On this week's episode Sean catches up Damion Chatmon, Director of Emerging and Digital Technology Solutions - Cleveland Cavaliers. Sean chats with Damion about his role and how the Cavs are constantly looking at emerging technology and why fans always come first. On this podcast you'll learn about: Damion's background in data/ticket sales and his roles [...]

Digital in LA with Clippers’ Jennifer van Dijk

On this week's episode Sean catches up Jennifer Van Dijk, Chief Strategy Officer and Vice President, Partnerships - LA Clippers. Sean met Jenn on his recent Sports Geek Trip and was happy to be able to sit down and record this podcast episode. On this podcast you'll learn about: Jenn's background working in the agency space for [...]

SXSW 2017 recap with Lenny Goh from Tradable Bits

On this week's episode Sean catches up with his roommate from SXSW Conference, Lenny Goh Director of Business Development from Tradable Bits. Sean and Lenny discuss their highlights and main takeaways from the conference. On this podcast you'll learn about: Bots are the new website and how sports teams will try and implement these into [...]

Facebook’s most social landmarks – Where’s the @MCG?

Just recently, the folk at Facebook wrote an article about the world's most popular social landmarks. The basis of the article was formed around Facebook check-ins, where the occurred, and the locations that were frequented the most in the major cities around the world. From the data collected, the most popular places, unsurprisingly, were shopping [...]

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Goodbye Texas Stadium. KABOOM!

Texas Stadium has been replaced by Cowboys Stadium which is a phenomenal venue.  It's always sad to see old sports venues be replaced as we lose a piece of sports history in the process.  Locals told me when I was in Dallas on #sportsgeektrip that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was trying to sell the [...]

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AAMI Park signage misses mark

As I walked past construction workers putting the finishing touches on the “Bubble Dome” to be known as AAMI Park, I couldn't help thinking the naming rights signage was a missed opportunity.  AAMI recently won the naming rights for Melbourne's newest sporting stadium but they must be disappointed on two points.  Obviously the current problems [...]

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Cowboys Stadium… WOW!

Yesterday I toured Cowboys Stadium, I know they say things are big in Texas but that was ridiculous. The screen alone cost $40M weighs as much as a full Airbus.  The roof sagged 5 inches when it was first attached. I was lucky enough to take the tour while the Cowboys were preparing for their [...]

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Great night at the AAC

On Wednesday night I went to check out two of the NBA powerhouses Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers at the Mavs' home court American Airlines Center. One of the reasons that Dallas was picked for the #sportsgeektrip was to meet Mavs' owner Mark Cuban who I consider a fellow Sports Geek.  Unfortunately, he was [...]

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Tailgating at BCS Championship game

After checking out the Clippers defeat the Lakers at Staples on Wednesday night (blog post to follow) I decided to check out the BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl web site didn't provide that much information on tickets sales, as it was the BCS Championship Game I assumed it was sold [...]

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