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What We Do

Sports Geek offers you expertise in sports digital marketing to allow you to focus on your core business.

Sports Geek will keep you up to date with the latest sports digital trends to build your digital fan base & deliver terrific results for your sponsors.

Our goal is to build your digital fan base to leverage and commercialise opportunities for you.

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Sports Geek Consulting

Sports Geek stays at the forefront of sports digital and technology trends to keep clients and the sports industry informed of how to better serve fans to extend the match day experience to the digital world.

Sports Geek offers you expertise in sports digital marketing to allow you to focus on your core business.

Sports Geek works with clients around the world on digital initiatives strategy and training.

Sports Geek Campaigns

Sports Geek Campaigns is a 100% managed campaign service in partnership with Tradable Bits.

Sports Geek Campaigns is a done for you campaign service for sports teams who want to increase digital returns from sponsors.

We bridge the gap between content, digital and partnership teams while using their individual strengths to maximize ROI.

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Keynote Speaker

Sean Callanan understands the technological evolution of the digital landscape as founder of Sports Geek. He has worked with international brands, is a highly sought after public speaker and the go to resource for under-optimised digital teams.

Sean is available to speak on sports, digital & marketing in theory and best practices so your attendees obtain an understanding of the topic as well as easy takeaways to implement straight away.

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Social Media Athlete Training

Ideal for player groups and coaching groups, Sean will outline best practice and demonstrate how athletes can protect themselves in an ever changing digital world.

Athletes will learn how they can develop and grow their digital cheer squad to bring in sponsorship rewards. They'll learn what sponsors are looking for from digital athletes.

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How we do it?



1. Educate

We bridge the digital divide. Helping our clients and marketing professionals understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the creation and execution of digital strategy.



2. Review

We perform a 360 degree review and deep dive discovery sessions of the target business. With the purpose of identifying resource allocation, data collection and amplification capability.

Create & Test

Create & Test

3. Create & Test

We develop a series of content and marketing campaigns. Purposefully identifying behavioural triggers and content that will resonate with buying personas.


4. Optimise

Optimisation focus remains on drivers of conversion outcomes includes refinement of SEO, PPC, above the line advertising and remarketing programmes.



5. Execute

We facilitate or execute a bespoke digital strategy. Content marketing with defined and measurable objectives including brand uplift, audience creation and development

Create & Test


6. Automate

We develop a marketing automation strategy to identify and nurture new leads. We integrate the “rinse and repeat’ plan that creates efficiencies that work within resources.

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