Social Media Athlete Training

Working with a player group that needs help understanding how to manage demands of social media?

Want your team to learn latest trends in sports digital to help them better connect with fans?

Sean Callanan works at the forefront of sports digital world, have your athletes learn from the best. 

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Every Athlete has a Story

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Digital allows athletes to connect

Ideal for player groups and coaching groups, Sean Callanan will outline best practice from around the world. Sean will demonstrate how athletes can use social media to connect with fans and amplify your team's brand.

Social Media Platform Review

Review and update on latest changes and trends for social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & LinkedIn.

Sponsorship & Digital

Athletes will learn how athletes they can develop and grow their digital cheer squad to bring in sponsorship rewards. They'll learn what sponsors are looking for from digital athletes.

Privacy & Security

Sean will show players and coaches how they can understand privacy and security options to best protect themselves in an ever changing digital world.

About Us

Meet Sean Callanan

Sean works with sports teams, leagues and athletes around the world to increase revenue from digital.  

You can hear him on Sports Geek, the top-ranking sports business podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and all podcast platforms.  

Sports Geek

About Sports Geek

Our focus is on delivery of fan engagement outcomes driven by the fans and sponsors of sports.

Sports Geek works with clients around the world on digital initiatives strategy and training. 

Who is it for?

  • Professional teams looking to help players develop good digital habits.
  • Representative teams helping players to develop routine for big games.
  • Grassroots athletes to prepare them for the big stage.
  • Coaching groups to understand how digital can affect player mindset.
  • Brand ambassador groups to help them push your digital message.

Some of our training clients

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