On this week's episode Sean catches up Damion Chatmon, Director of Emerging and Digital Technology Solutions – Cleveland Cavaliers. Sean chats with Damion about his role and how the Cavs are constantly looking at emerging technology and why fans always come first.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Damion's background in data/ticket sales and his roles since joining Cleveland since 2002
  • How his current role essentially plays point guard in conducting prospective tech vendor evaluations then providing executive level briefs and presentations
  • Money and numbers follow, they don't lead. If we do the right things by our fans, they will continue to come
  • How they have maintained and sustained a fan base when winning on the court was tougher, it's not just the product on the court that keeps them coming back
  • Damion's experience of last year's Cavs Championship win over the Warriors and how important the win was for the entire city
  • Some of the questions sourced from the #SportsBiz Slack community
Emerging technology in sports with Cavaliers

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