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Cricket, Lord’s and Go Pros with Ian Treseder

Lord's Cricket Ground is one of the most revered stadiums in the world, just don't call it a stadium.  It is rightly considered the Home of Cricket and will see England and Australia battle for of the most prestigious and smallest trophies in world sports, The Ashes.  I catch up with Ian Treseder Digital [...]

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Troy Kirby on ticketing, #sportsbiz and @SportsTao podcast

Troy Kirby is a prodigious sports business podcaster and a sports business lifer working on the ticketing side of the business at UC Davis.   Troy has released over 350 podcast interviews since launching the Tao of Sports podcast in 2012 and he was one of the reasons I started podcasting.  Troy stopped by the [...]

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A look behind @AFL with Tyson Densley

On this week's podcast I chat with Tyson Densley from the AFL (Australian Football League) about the goals of the AFL social media team and what they are looking for in season 2014.  On SEN I chat with Kevin Hillier about the AFL and NRL social media fan bases and what does it say about [...]

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@Storm get a new look & how to break into sports business

Despite some technical problems, on this Sports Geek Podcast we chat with Dan Pinne from the Storm about their shiny new Twitter handle which will be front and centre on their Auckland 9s jersey.  We look back at #SBNight to answer the question how to break into the sports business. On this podcast you’ll find out about: [...]

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Collingwood TV to The Club with Jonathon Bernard on developing your video audience

Collingwood Digital Media manager Jonathon Bernard discusses the importance of story telling for Collingwood TV and The Club on this week's Sports Geek Podcast.  On Harf Time we look at what the NBL needs to do to reconnect with a lost generation of fans. On this podcast you’ll find out about: Why The Club format changed [...]

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Social Media Infographic: Richmond vs. Collingwood

One of the games of the round, Richmond versus Collingwood this week will not only be a tremendous contest on-field, it will also see a battle of the fans on the social space. The following infographic takes at look at social media numbers between clubs, players and fans when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram [...]

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#review @BarassiShow – The Stage Show

Friday night I was very excited to be joining together two of my great passions sport and the arts in going along to Barassi! I must confess I'm not a huge footy head, and didn't know a lot about the legend that is Ron Barassi before going along. But I definitely learnt a few things. [...]

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Twitter Hashtags – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The focus on this week's ABC Grandstand segment focuses on twitter hashtags, what they mean, and the importance of getting them right. Download the mp3 With the NBA Playoffs and the AFL season  in full swing as we head toward June, social media is there in full force, and the masses are focusing heavily on their #hashtagging. With [...]

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