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Dan Harbison on learning from other industries and A-League #PowerTheGame

In this Sports Geek Podcast we chat to Dan Harbison who has left the sports industry after several years leading the digital efforts of the Portland Trailblazers to take up a new role as head of New Media at Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas we chat with Dan on ABC Grandstand.  On Harf Time we look at [...]

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Case Study: Golden State Warriors – Playoff Ticket Scavenger Hunt

This year was Golden State’s first time in the playoffs since their incredible run in 2006-07.  The years between appearances resulted in placing of 3rd and 4th in their division and missing the playoffs.  Sean was lucky enough to be in town just as they clinched for the 2013 playoffs.  Their absence over the past [...]

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#SportsGeekTrip Recap – San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles

Sports Geek NewsOn Tuesday, I was able to recap on of my most successful #SportsGeekTrips, this marks the fourth trip to the US to connect with and catch up with sports teams and tech companies to learn more about what sports digital strategies are leading the way. Here is a recording of the GoToMeeting I [...]

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Sports on Pinterest – Who’s on and who’s not

We've already told you quite a bit about all you ned to know with Pinterest. I've penned pieces that look at how teams are using Pinterest as well as the twenty best boards from across the sporting world. Here is a list of teams that operate Pinterest pages from across the big four American leagues, the English [...]

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Sports Geek in Brisbane on Sept 18

If you haven't heard by now Sean will be in Brisbane next week for a one-day workshop.  Get your tickets now. In case you missed Sean on Sports Today 4BC last Thursday he discussed the hot topic of Twitter Trolls.  Download MP3 What we'll cover Session 1 - Social Media Success from the world [...]

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20 @Pinterest Boards from across the sporting world

The (still somewhat) new kids on the block in the world of social media is Pinterest. We've previously talked about Pinterest and how teams are getting value from it, so thought it must be time for an update. Here's a quick-hitting list of 20 Pinterest boards (in no particular order) that are creating value from [...]

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Olympic Sports Digital Update Day 16 @RicFinlay @loudywiggins @LennoxLewis the Twitter Olympics?

Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed Day 16 - Competition Shazam! NBC may have just given us a glimpse into our transmedia future Adidas Social Media Barricade shoe concept moves tweets to the track What platforms have people watched these Olympics on ? London 2012 Dubbed The First 'Twitterlympics' Social Media don't Like [...]

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Olympic Sports Digital Update Day 14 – @patternr @cp3 @CarmelitaJeter @Oscar Pistorius

Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed Day 14 - Competition Top Viral Moments from the of the 2012 Olympic Games so far Marketers: No Brand Deserves Gold in Digital Olympics Ambush marketing at the Olympics – what does Twitter say? Astronauts are watching Olympics from Space Usain Bolt sets a new twitter record [...]

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Olympic Sports Digital Update Day 12 – #polevaultersmutiny #nbcbolt @shanekelly72 @Nathangadrian

Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed Day 12 - Competition Comedian Mark Chalifoux on Twitter, the Olympics and beyond How social media is changing the Olympics for spectators Some great Olympic infographics Most talked about athletes from Great Brittan on social media Olympic Organizers Very Serious About Eliminating ‘Rogue Condoms’ From Olympic Village [...]

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