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REPLAY – Dennis Yu – BlitzMetrics

This is part of the Sports Geek Replay series where we are posting some of the best Sports Geek Podcast episodes based on download, listener and social media feedback. Today’s episode features Dennis Yu from Blitzmetrics, originally posted in March 2016. On this podcast you'll learn about: Why Facebook Video is a large opportunity for [...]

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Dennis Yu on how the Golden State Warriors are winning the digital marketing game

Sean catches up with Dennis Yu from Blitz Metrics to discuss digital marketing strategies sports teams can use to drive more revenue from social media channels. On this podcast you'll learn about: Why Facebook Video is a large opportunity for sports The importance of your data Why your website needs to be pixelled How & [...]

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Winning a Super Bowl, what is it like for the digital team? – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

What @SportsGeek reads..... Why Google's CEO only buys companies that pass his crazy toothbrush test. Ever tried networking when you’ve lost your voice? What is it like running a digital team in lead up to Super Bowl? It’s over: The rise & fall of google authorship for search results Why it's a mistake to piggyback on someone else's business How this [...]

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Kenton Olson on Seahawks, Super Bowl & 12s

Last time I caught up with Kenton Olson he was in the midst of a playoff run that saw the Seahawks win the Super Bowl. We discuss that experience and what they are planning for the season ahead.  On ABC Grandstand I chat with Francis Leach about the rumours that Google should be a bidder on [...]

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The L.A. Kings shift business strategy from ticket sales to fan engagement – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Tuesday 17th June 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... The L.A. Kings shift business strategy from ticket sales to fan engagement Pat Riley's other master plan: Trademarking 'Three-Peat' The World Cup's #AskPitbull Twitter campaign is a beautiful failure Dunkin' Donuts finds mobile offers and sports play well together FIFA 2014 World Cup: Are Brazil's Telecoms systems [...]

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Real Madrid go to top of iTunes charts – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Thursday 29th May 2014 What @SportsGeek reads.... Enjoy Hala Madrid! And nothing else - you can now buy @RealMadrid players singing team song (currently #1 in Spain) Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid: how the #UCL final played out on Twitter 2014 #WorldCup: What a Difference 4 Years Makes take [...]

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Oscar Ugaz on #digisport trends and David Morris #Sochi2014 Silver Medallist

On this week's podcast we chat with Oscar Ugaz about the European sports digital scene and his time at Real Madrid.  Included in this episode is a sneak peek at our interview with David Morris Sochi silver medalist in the aerials from our chat on Beers, Blokes & Business Looking to improve your skills in [...]

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Dan McLaren on UK Sports Digital scene and latest from #Sochi2014

On this week's podcast we chat with Dan McLaren from about the world of #digisport in the UK and Europe.  On ABC Grandstand I chat about #SochiProblems with Francis Leach and Rule 40 affecting Australia ski resorts. On this podcast you’ll find out about: How evolved over the years How UK sports teams are [...]

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#WarriorsLive a Google Hangout at @warriors practice

Golden State Warriors hosted a live Google Hangout from their Practice facility on a Google+ Hangout. I was invited to represent Andrew Bogut's hometown Melbourne Australia and give the Hangout an international flavour. After visiting the Warriors in March and touring an empty practice facility it was good to see the players in action. Warriors [...]

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