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#AskSportsGeek – Digital trends, Linkedin, esports, Facebook & more

On this week's episode Sean throws the mike out to his followers on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and the SportsBiz Slack community for the next instalment of  "Ask Sports Geek". Some of the questions for this episode include: What are some of the smartest things you're seeing teams do with Facebook ads and what [...]

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Top 5 tips for athletes on social media

On this week's episode Sean revisits his advice for athletes using social media in 2017 with a platform by platform breakdown on how they should be used. On this podcast you'll learn about: What the pros and cons are for athletes on social media How ongoing training is the key for athletes to manage issues [...]

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How 25 NFL Teams launched their schedules with video

NFL teams got creative announcing new season schedules with a mix of animation, photos and inventive ways to excite the fans for the upcoming NFL season. Which one was your fave? New England Patriots Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears New York Giants [...]

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Behind the scenes of Detroit Tigers digital with Mac Slavin

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Mac Slavin, Digital and Social Media Specialist for Detroit Tigers to discuss his role behind the scenes in the changing digital landscape. On this podcast you'll learn about: The importance of the off season and still engaging the fan How the Tigers are developing their strategies for [...]

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Bonus Episode: “The value of the big 3” Sean Callanan keynote

On this week's episode, we take a different approach and share with you a keynote from Sean's recent work at the Australian Council for the Arts Marketing Summit. Sean spoke at the conference for his CHUNKY media business, sharing insights from the sports industry and "The value of the big 3" in social media [...]

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Talking Facebook and Sports with Jacob Berman

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Jacob Berman who works in the Global Marketing Solutions team at Facebook in Austin to discuss how they are helping sports teams leverage fan bases to drive commercial results. On this podcast you'll learn about: The constant evolution in the Facebook ad space How sports teams can gain [...]

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REPLAY – Dewayne Hankins – LA Kings

This is part of the Sports Geek Replay series where we are posting some of the best Sports Geek Podcast episodes based on download, listener and social media feedback. Today’s episode was one of the early episodes featuring Dewayne Hankins when he was at LA Kings, originally posted in July 2013. On this podcast you'll [...]

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REPLAY – Dennis Yu – BlitzMetrics

This is part of the Sports Geek Replay series where we are posting some of the best Sports Geek Podcast episodes based on download, listener and social media feedback. Today’s episode features Dennis Yu from Blitzmetrics, originally posted in March 2016. On this podcast you'll learn about: Why Facebook Video is a large opportunity for [...]

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33 sports teams doing the Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge has taken the internet by storm and sports teams are smart to jump on it. Remember "The Harlem Shake" it went bananas now teams are looking to make them more epic to raise the bar. Here are ones we like, vote your fave at the end of the post. New York Giants [...]

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BONUS – Sean Callanan keynote – Australian University Sports National Conference

I regularly speak at conferences around Australia and the world, I thought I'd share a bonus episode of a recent keynote. This keynote from from Australian University Sports National Conference held in May on the Gold Coast, the session was titled "Trends in sports digital - how to drive fan engagement" the focus was on student [...]

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