On this week's episode Sean visits San Diego State University to chat with Scott Minto about their Sports MBA program and why sports teams need “the best of the best”. Sean also shares his recap of last week's SEAT Conference (Part 1).

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How the Sports MBA differs from the standard MBA
  • How an MBA prepares you for the sports business
  • How new and emerging technologies are changing the sports job market
  • What Scott believes are the key benefits of completing the SDSU MBA
  • How the SDSU alumni both leverage and contribute to the SDSU Sports MBA
  • The key takeaways from Sean's workshop with SDSU students
  • Sean's highlights from SEAT Conference in Atlanta including data focus and valuing sponsorship with data and analytics
How is a Sports MBA different to a regular MBA?

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Recapping SEAT as part of my workshop at SDSU

One of the best sports programs in the world!

Students on tour

Great session at SEAT

Great to tour NBA Digital studios


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Unashamed Junkie

★★★★★ in iTunes by JoMiLiDa_Murfett from Australia on June 30, 2017

I am constantly amazed by the combination of practical knowledge sharing and highly entertaining content in these episodes. Sean's network of sports professionals is remarkable and you can't help but marvel at the life he has carved out…. such an interesting niche. He's a top bloke and I'd recommend him to anyone interested in the intersection of business and sport.

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