On this week's episode Sean catches up with Kevin Kinghorn, Senior Director – Digital and Marketing for Vancouver Canucks to discuss their digital strategies on building relationships with their fans.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How they are building the relationship with the fan and treating them as members of the Canucks family
  • How brand campaigns have changed over the past five years and the role that digital plays
  • Personalising their approach with the fan and taking them on a journey
  • Converting fan experiences into ticket sales, one touch point isn't enough
  • In digital age where technology is shiny and new, often simplicity is best
  • Sean's highlights from his recent US Sports Geek trip
Digital with Kevin Kinghorn of the Vancouver Canucks

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Great resource

in iTunes by Dave Wakeman from USA on February 27, 2017

Sean does a fantastic job of getting great guests that provide various POVs and ideas that aren't always best practices in sports. If you are in sports business or interested in sports business, check it out.

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