On this week's episode Sean catches up Jayne Bussman-Wise, Senior Director, Content and Communications for the New York Red Bulls. Sean chats to Jayne about her new role with the Bulls as well as her career at NYCFC, Brookyln Nets and New York Rangers.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • What Jayne learned helping launch two new sports team brands in New York market
  • Why you need to trust your gut when launching new content
  • What are content strands and why are they important for digital revenue?
  • Why Jayne is pushing against the trend for shorter video and finding success in long form video storytelling
  • The impact community initiatives can have looking at the Red Bulls Autism Awareness Night with dedicated sensory space in arena
  • The importance of felling connected for fans especially in the competitive NYC sports scene
  • Why sports business connections on Twitter have slowed and the importance of meeting in real life
  • How Instagram Stories has changed the user behaviour to drive traffic and engagement from the platform
New York sports digital scene with Jayne Bussman-Wise

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The Sports Geek Podcast by Sean Callanan is a great sports podcast and does a deep dive into the business side of sports. He has educational guests who are knowledgable on the ever-changing digital and media landscape. This is must-subscribe podcast.

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