Charlie Shin from MLS joins Sean Callanan for the 100th episode of Sports Geek Podcast. Charlie  is  responsible for the development and execution of league wide CRM infrastructures and CRM initiatives (acquisition, fan engagement, monetization, loyalty)

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about:

  • How Charlie moved from business consultant to sports business
  • Why MLS needed to understand it's data first
  • What are the key metrics Charlie looks for?
  • The importance of the fan funnel
  • Why CRM is a journey
  • How to tackle a big project like CRM
  • Charlie's advice for students looking to break in to sports
  • Importance of customer experience in stadium and on digital platforms
  • Question – What is status of your data project?
Charlie Shin from MLS discusses CRM in episode 100

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★★★★★ in iTunes by Shane Harmon from New Zealand on September 3, 2015

Sean's podcasts are essential reading, not just for anyone working in sports digital, but for anyone working in the business of sports. Digital touches every aspect of our industry and it is imperative that executives keep up to date. Sean has built a great network of industry experts over the years and we work in this great industry where these experts are willing to share their learnings. Essential listening for me to an from work each day.