On this week's episode Sean reviews the Mary Meeker report from the sports business perspective, full video review is available on Sports Geek Facebook.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • What the global internet audience looks like
  • What sports can learn from latest internet advertising trends
  • Why mobile will continue to dominate in usage and revenue
  • How gaming has influenced much of today's internet
  • Why esports has a very bright future
  • How Netflix's dominance will change sports rights landscape
  • Why China & India are so attractive for growth
Sean Callanan reviews and predicts the year ahead with Mary Meeker

Resources from the podcast

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Sports Geek Internet Trends – Watch & follow report review

Top 10 slides for Sports

Look at that Android marketshare! Mainstream apps need to deliver to Android users

Mobile is now the primary screen for consuming digital content and the gap is widening

Mobile advertising market is currently underserved especially in sports. More money will flow to mobile, sports offering needs to improve.

Video advertising methods need to evolve to be viable. Better options than just pre-roll.

A quick history lesson on gaming. An industry only 45 years old.

Gamers are dedicated bunch and are one of the most digitally engaged on the internet.

How esports has grown. League of Legends is a growing beast!

These are the viewership audiences that are exciting esports and broadcasters alike.

Look at how Netflix has stolen audiences from traditional broadcasters.

Facebook is chasing down video… HARD.

Check out Mary Meeker's report & presentation at Code Conference

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in iTunes by 5thForce from USA on June 13, 2017

Sean does an incredible job with great guests, information, and topics. Great Sports Marketing podcast!!