On this week's episode Sean catches up with former Olympian & Commonwealth Medalist, John Steffensen, now Board Member of Athletics Australia about their new initiative Nitro Athletics.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • What Nitro Athletics is
  • Why there was a need to change a sport that hasn't been changed in 100 years
  • How Nitro Athletics will bring athletics into today's changing sports landscape where entertainment for fans is the key
  • The “Usain Bolt” factor
  • The flow on effect for athletics by reconnecting kids with the sport and building young fans
  • The top three Sports Geek podcasts from 2016
Nitro Athletics & Usain Bolt - John Steffensen

Resources from the podcast

Some tweets you may have missed

Less than one week to go

Usain helping bring Australian athletics back to life

One of our Bolt All-Stars

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

The entertainment starts here



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Trying to catch up!

in iTunes by Steve Gibbs ATFC from UK on January 16, 2017

So much great knowledge to plough through. Really useful insight from the top of the industry, so many different viewpoints but all hugely informative and relevant. Recommended

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