Sean catches up with Dennis Yu from Blitz Metrics to discuss digital marketing strategies sports teams can use to drive more revenue from social media channels.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Why Facebook Video is a large opportunity for sports
  • The importance of your data
  • Why your website needs to be pixelled
  • How & when Golden State Warriors use boost post
  • How tracking works and why it is needed for advertising success
  • How Dennis can get 320 fans for every paid fan
  • Book review – No Grey Areas
  • Podcast review – By Association
Dennis Yu knows digital marketing

Resources from the podcast

Some tweets you may have missed from Dennis

Love this idea

Worth a read – No Grey Areas

Worth a Listen – By Association


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in iTunes by TomRubashow from UK on April 2, 2015

I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and have enjoyed catching up on some of the old episodes including some really interesting old NBA ones. Worth a listen for those working in the sport industry.

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