2015 was my third year as a podcaster, it was great to learn more from friends in sports business and share their successes with the Sports Geek Podcast listeners (join our FB group)

We've broken down the episodes in to the following groups:

  • Digital Activations in the NFL
  • Fan Engagement around the World
  • Cricket & Digital
  • CRM & Data – podcasts for data geeks
  • Connecting Digital & Participation
  • NBA Digital Focus
  • Digital Strategy in sports
  • Football – the global game (or soccer depending where you live)
  • Best of conference circuit
  • Technology – podcasts for geeks
  • Close to my heart

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Sports Geek Podcasts from 2015

Digital Activations in the NFL

Steve Ziff from Jacksonville Jaguars was terrific discussing the Duval Dash arcade game which fans loved AND it drove a tremendous amount of data for new ticketing leads for Jaguars. Read more

Scott Kegley on San Francisco 49ers takes us behind the scenes of the Forty Viners the exclusive content produced for Vine which was a hit with fans for the 49ers. Read more

Fan Engagement around the World

Pieter Maenhout from Belgium Football discusses who to get a whole country to rally behind digital initiatives. Read more

Matt Henry from NRL provides insights into what it is like inside a social media command centre at a sports event like NRL State of Origin. Read more

Dan Butterly From Mountain West Conference on marketing NCAA sports and developing a conference footprint via digital. Read more

Cricket & Digital

Dan Migala provides insights on his work with adapting US lessons for Australia's Big Bash cricket with special guest Christine Stoffel from SEAT. Read more

Ian Treseder from Lord's Cricket Ground explains how to bring digital into the equation with a venue steeped in tradition using Go Pros and innovative video content. Read more

Richard Irvine from NZ Black Caps on how to prepare for a major tournament like the Cricket World Cup and why all tweets have author initialsRead more

CRM & Data – podcasts for data geeks

Charlie Shin from MLS on building out the fan funnel and helping MLS teams get a better understanding of their fans and data capabilities. Read more

Eric Fernandez from SportsDesk Media on how data is turning the sponsorship game on it's head, if you don't know or can't analyze your data you're already behind. Read more

Natalle Brown from Melbourne Storm on rolling out loyalty system, Lightning Rewards to track and reward total fan journey from home to stadium. Read more

Russell Scibetti from KORE Software is an industry leader in how data can be leveraged for business results in sports, hear his insights on SEAT conference CRM track and where the industry is headed. Read more

Paul Greenberg is a legend in the world of CRM, he knows the sports business is just getting started but knows how powerful the sports fans is a die hard Yankees fan. Read more

Connecting Digital & Participation

Tom Halls from British Tennis on the challenges of building engagement around participation and why user experience is so important. Read more

Pearse Connolly from Norwegian Football designs all digital and offline interactions with the fan in the center. Read more

NBA Digital Focus

TJ Ansley from Portland Trailblazers on Rip City. Read more

Andrew Nicholson from Sacramento Kings on content for fans and developing a story behind a new arena. Read more

Brooke Eaton from Brooklyn Nets on engaging a new local market in Brooklyn while building a global brand. Read more

Digital Strategy in sports

John McCauley from MLSE on what it like running digital for 2 major league teams (and a few venues), it takes some planning. Read more

Isabelle Perrault from Stratford Managers on measuring digital maturity in sports business. Read more

Vince Crivelli from Melbourne United on the task of renaming and rebranding a sports team. Read more

David Mackay from SPP on building sustainability in sports and where sports administrators can go wrong. Read more

Football – the global game (or soccer depending where you live)

Rob Squillacioti from FFA on his SEAT2015 experience and comparing the A-League and MLS. Read more

Brian Costello from Portland Timbers on connecting the Timbers Army both in stadium and via digital. Read more

Alex Kunawicz from Liverpool FC on connecting with Liverpool fans globally with websites and social media platforms. Read more

Richard Ayers from Seven League on sports marketing in UK and how the sports digital world has developed since his time at Manchester City.  Read more

Charlie Shin from MLS gets listed twice here as it was episode 100. Read more

Best of conference circuit

Our Sporting Future recap how national sporting organisations can leverage digital. Read more

Greg Oakford from Golf Victoria gives his insights into #SEAT2015. Read more

Sarah Brady from Etihad Stadium discusses new tech rollout at #SBWeek. Read more

#SportsConf Panel discussion – Rise of the Millennials. Read more

Technology – podcasts for geeks

Tod Caflisch from Red Wings on wi-fi rollout at the Joe and why you can't wait for new building to deliver tech to fans. Read more

Danny Keens from Twitter on why Cricket is an important sport for Twitter and how Twitter thrives around live sport. Read more

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