Scott Kegley on 49ers digital in new Levi’s Stadium

On this week's podcast, Sean chats with Scott Kegley, Director of Digital and Social Media at the San Francisco 49ers.

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn:

  • The inner workings of the 49ers' Digital & Social Media Team and what's unique about them.
  • How to be a social media manager for the 49ers, JOB OPENING
  • The #FortyViners, how it started and came to be a big hit
  • The benefits of creating content that's native to the platform in engaging non-core fans and ultimately broadening the scope of who you're reaching
  • Capitalising on wins as well as losses and being able to deliver great content on a “bad time”
  • Why Sean is big on Snapchat
  • Why the WWE is the one of the best at event fan engagement
  • Why AT&T Park remains one of Sean's fave stadiums in the world
  • How your campaign can be featured at #SEAT2015 in San Francisco
Scott Kegley from San Francisco 49ers

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Will we see Jarrod Hayne highlights like this in 49ers uniform?

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