On this week's podcast, Sean chats with Scott Kegley, Director of Digital and Social Media at the San Francisco 49ers.

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn:

  • The inner workings of the 49ers' Digital & Social Media Team and what's unique about them.
  • How to be a social media manager for the 49ers, JOB OPENING
  • The #FortyViners, how it started and came to be a big hit
  • The benefits of creating content that's native to the platform in engaging non-core fans and ultimately broadening the scope of who you're reaching
  • Capitalising on wins as well as losses and being able to deliver great content on a “bad time”
  • Why Sean is big on Snapchat
  • Why the WWE is the one of the best at event fan engagement
  • Why AT&T Park remains one of Sean's fave stadiums in the world
  • How your campaign can be featured at #SEAT2015 in San Francisco
Scott Kegley from San Francisco 49ers

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