One of the most interesting sessions at SEAT was the one where Isabelle Perreault from Stratford Managers presented findings from the Digital Maturity Assessment of SEAT 2015 attendees.

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about:

  • The 5 key dimensions of the assessment
  • How the SEAT community has grown in past 5 years
  • It's not all about the tools, people so important to digital maturity
  • How digital has become a significant driver for revenue
  • What top level executives are looking for
  • Importance of customer experience in stadium and on digital platforms
Great session at SEAT with Isabelle on digital maturity

Resources from the podcast

Digital Maturity Assessment from SEAT 2015

Sports Geek Podcast by the numbers

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Great Resource For Students, Too!

via iTunes by Will Eidam from USA on August 31, 2015

As an MBA student in the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at Oregon, I listen to Sean’s podcast frequently as a useful resource for understanding concepts and ideas in the sports business landscape. By bringing on big players in the digital landscape like Brian Srabian of the SF Giants and Mark Cuban, amongst others, Sean provides great content that goes beyond the traditional Q&A podcast format. The best part of Sean’s podcast is the global persona it takes on, bringing on guests from Portland to Toronto to his home in Melbourne. The perspective provided by his wide variety of guests has been extremely valuable to me and I’d still listen to the podcast regularly even if Sean didn’t have that amazing accent. A must listen for sports business professionals!

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Developing Digital Maturity in Sports Business Transcription

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