Pieter Maenhout works with the Royal Belgium Football Association as the Fan Relationship Manager as a fan is more than a customer.

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn:

  • Why Pieter works in a FRM not a CRM
  • The difference between a customer and a fan
  • Why UEFA is so focussed on fans, including using fan boards so they have their day
  • How digital and marketing were developed as the Belgium Red Devils players developed
  • Importance of marketing being connected with players
  • Success of Belgium Challenges campaign to connect fans with players
  • Why the fan's passion resulted in a town called Yellow to be renamed Red
  • What was the focus of Belgium Red Devils during World Cup?
  • What is your Belgiumised name?  A great way to connect with fans around the world
Pieter Maenhout from Royal Belgium Football Association

Resources from the podcast

Posts from Belgium Red Devils

Bringing the players closer to fans via YouTube clips

Always profiling fans on all platforms

Having a strong connection with your players helps obtain content like this

Love these aftermovie recaps

Some banter between the Socceroos and Red Devils



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Pieter Maenhout, understanding fans in Belgium Football Transcription

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