Steve Ziff is the VP, Marketing & Digital Media at Jacksonville Jaguars on this podcast he chats about sales programme Jaguars Black, NFL in London and arcade games.

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about:

  • Why Steve believes data is the quarter in the machine
  • You won't believe how much data Duval Dash has generated
  • How he transitioned from the NHL to NFL – Florida Panthers to Jaguars
  • Establishing Jaguars Black and how they identified the right users and delivering the impact
  • Jaguars UK – Global reach from Jacksonville
  • Relaunching the NBL in 100 days, what they've done… so far
Steve Ziff from Jacksonville Jaguars on Sports Geek Podcast

Resources from the podcast

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Sen'Derrick Marks mic'd up for his 2015 debut

Julius Thomas first touchdown in Duval!

And more celebrations

Jaguars Arcade – Duval Dash

Behind the scenes of team photo day

Send Steve a tweet that you listened (or just read this post) especially if you are going to the London game.

Five days until you can #WatchWithTheWorld! #BUFvsJAX will be the first-ever global live stream of an @nfl game. #JAXinUK

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in iTunes by Ben Kennings from New Zealand on August 24, 2015

Sports Geek was the first podcast I stumbled on and I have listened to every episode since. Great insights into the sport and tech world with up to date content. Sports Geek has led to me following a number of other podcasts too.

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Steve Ziff from Jacksonville Jaguars on London, Sales & Arcade Games Transcription

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