Sean Callanan looks back at a big year at Sports Geek at some of the highlights and key projects from 2018. Learn what happens at Sports Geek when the microphone is off.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Sports Geek's podcasting, speaking and consulting highlights
  • The success of the Digital to Dollars workshop for AFL club executives
  • Sean on becoming a new OPL team owner
  • What are the plans for Sports Geek in 2019
  • Sports Geek Nation Slack to be locked down to members only
Sean Callanan looks back at 2018 at Sports Geek

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Episode Highlights

2:21 Sean Callanan looks back on the start of year in Europe

3:15 Developing a chatbot for the International Ice Hockey Federation

3:31 Social Media Athlete Training with Matildas

5:12 Working with the Professional Football Association for players to better understand the digital space

5:54 Sport and Recreation Conference in Queensland. Download Sean’s presentation here

8:54 3 podcasts in one San Francisco day with Stacy McGranor, Al Guido and Bill Schlough

9:43 Presenting the Digital to Dollars workshop in SEAT Dallas

14:39 Workshop with the Washington Redskins

15:17 Launching of Sports Geek Nation

17:36 Sean looks back on a memorable Collingwood game at the AFL Grand Final

19:16 Bidding for an OPL team. Listen to the back story

21:41 Running the Digital to Dollars workshop with the AFL executives

24:00 Sports Geek offering client assistance and consultancy packages

29:59 The new OPL team roster announcement. Check it out here

31:03 Developing content for Top Laner Pabu on

33:00 Sports Geek statistics and milestones in 2018

37:20 Sports Geek Nation Slack lock down – exclusive for members only in Jan 2019. Go to to sign up

40:00 Sean thanks the Sports Geek team, clients and listeners

New OPL team roster announcement with Brandon “Juves” Defina

Join Sports Geek Nation for AMA sessions

The May Sports Geek Nation Ask Me Anything schedule has been released.

This week Tim Mullaly Club Digital Support Manager at the Australian Football League will take on the Sports Geek Nation Ask Me Anything stage.

Prior to joining the AFL, Tim worked in media and advertising for non-sports related agencies. In 2014, he made a move to Multi Channel Network where he looked after sport sales across Fox Sports, AFL and NRL digital platforms in the Melbourne market. His experience in public relations, writing and digital marketing paved the way for him to join one of the biggest sports leagues in Australia.

Get your questions ready for Tim Mullaly. Tag him at @Tim on Sports Geek Nation #ama channel in Slack.

Want to join Sports Geek Nation? Join our waitlist on and be the first to know when the subscription doors reopen.

Sports Geek Nation AMA with Tim Mullaly

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