On this week's episode, Sean heads off to Levi's Stadium in San Francisco to chat with Al Guido, President of San Francisco 49ers and CEO of Elevate Sports Ventures. Sean and Al chats about the 49ers' move to the new stadium, rolling out technology and his new business venture.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Al's sports business background that led him to the 49ers
  • The benefits of moving to Levi's Stadium for the team and their fans
  • How they keep the stadium and tech up to date for an ultimate fan experience
  • The lessons Al has learned for the past years working at Levi's
  • How Al is looking to position his new venture in the industry
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Highlights from podcast with Al Guido

3:25 Al Guido’s sports business backstory

6:08 On the 49ers’ move to Levi’s Stadium

9:34 Al on developing stadium technologies

14:46 Keeping up with technology for an ultimate fan experience

18:24 Balancing between stadium operations and what the fans want

19:22 How the 49ers mobile app works and how it amplifies fan experience

21:02 What Al has learned from first few years at Levi’s

21:47 Why mobile app and ticketing is so important

26:44 Al on how Elevate Sports Ventures came about

28:29 Where he views to position Elevate in the industry

32:02 Sports Geek Closing Five

38:00 Sean's recap on his C2 Montreal experience

40:20 Sean discusses his recent sports and marketing keynotes

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New fun thing to do at the stadium

More women getting into sports

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★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Flippa413 from Australia on April 27, 2018

Great guests who share plenty. Always plenty to learn

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