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Building Facebook Campaigns Guide

Please be careful don't tap twice this isn't Instagram. Let us know we'll refund if you do accidentally. 

In this Sports Geek Guide you will learn:

  • The top 5 campaign objectives for sports teams to build Facebook Ad Campaigns  
  • The process of building Facebook Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads - the Sports Geek way  
  • How to effectively manage your Facebook Campaigns
  • What key indicators to look for when reviewing your campaigns to derive success from your advertising
Sports Geek

About the Author

Sean Callanan founded Sports Geek to connect sports, fans and sponsors using technology. 

Sean works with sports teams, leagues and athletes around the world to increase revenue from digital.

You can hear him on Sports Geek, the top ranking sports digital podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and all podcast players.  

Sean lives and breathes sports digital you can find him on Facebook and Twitter @SeanCallanan and connect with him on LinkedIn.