Sean Callanan chats with Visit Victoria‘s Damien de Bohun on bringing major sports and arts events to Victoria.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Damien de Bohun on his career in sports business started
  • How Damien's role with Cricket Australia and the A-League provided him with right experience in his current role with Visit Victoria
  • How Visit Victoria brings major sporting events and partnerships to Victoria
  • What makes Melbourne a successful major sports events city
  • How Visit Victoria tells Melbourne's story through the major events
  • Why Visit Victoria is behind esports
Learn more about major events from Visit Victoria's Damien de Bohun

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Our fave quote from Damien de Bohun interview

Melbourne is a global event city. It really is in the DNA of this city it probably defines in many ways who Melbourne is.

Damien de Bohun

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Highlights from podcast with Damien de Bohun

4:01 Damien de Bohun looks back on his sports career in cricket and football

4:47 On making his start with Cricket Australia to make cricket a sport for all Australians

7:32 Heading the transition of A-League helping the league through an important growth phase.

9:19 How much Damien enjoyed working with the W-League players

10:29 Getting kids involved in sports and why it is so important

11:22 Damien’s current role in Visit Victoria and why sports is a big part of it

13:45 Why Melbourne is a go-to city worldwide for major sports and cultural events

17:33 How do deals and partnerships for major events come together

22:32 Damien on how Visit Victoria tells the Melbourne's story through major events

24:25 Melbourne becoming a bucket list destination for golf and cycling among others

26:56 Why Visit Victoria invested in Melbourne Esports Open

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Incredibly informative

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by armatt from Australia on May 22, 2017

I thought I had an okay core of knowledge in digital, until I started listening to this podcast. I'm learning so much from Sean and his guests, while being entertained. Outstanding.