Sean Callanan chats with ESL‘s Nick Vanzetti at PAX about his career in esports and especially building out events for esports fans live including IEM and Melbourne Esports Open.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Nick Vanzetti's esports gaming experience turned into a career
  • The look of esports scene in the early years and how it has changed over time
  • Building a partnership with ESL and how this widened their reach in the esports space
  • The challenges and successes of producing live esports events like the Melbourne Esports Open
  • The importance of the Electronic Games Association of Australia in the esports scene
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Our fave quote from Nick Vanzetti interview

“We've got plenty of room to grow the whole festival experience this is what we want to do, create more content and experiences for people beyond just the pure sports tournament. “

Nick Vanzetti

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Highlights from podcast with Nick Vanzetti

5:15 Nick Vanzetti on getting in to the esports scene

6:04 How did the esports scene looked in the early years

7:45 Nick on running esports events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

14:40 How Nick’s company went into a joint venture with ESL

17:46 How the Melbourne Esports Open came about

22:18 Understanding how fans and community change around titles in esports

24:04 The challenges of producing a live esports event

25:43 The importance of Electronic Games Association of Australia to the wider esports community

30:37 Sports Geek Closing Five

35:48 Sean discuss more about the Digital to Dollars process

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★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Steve Gibbs ATFC from UK on January 16, 2017

So much great knowledge to plough through. Really useful insight from the top of the industry, so many different viewpoints but all hugely informative and relevant. Recommended.