Dave Harris chats with Sean Callanan to discuss his journey into esports from investing in Dire Wolves to setting up in new esports high performance centre. Dave discusses how high performance has been the key to success and how it can be replicated to lift the standard of play in Australia and around the world.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Dave's career transcended from physio to esports
  • The driving forces that led him to build Guinevere Capital
  • The challenges of transitioning from traditional sports to esports
  • Investing in League of Legends LG Dire Wolves team
  • How sponsors are valuing esports
  • How the Esports High Performance Centre leverage the league and the players
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Dave Harris on traditional sports transitioning to esports

Esports can learn a lot of stuff from traditional sports at the same time esports are at the forefront of a lot of things that traditional sports are also going to have to follow. Traditional sport still in the exclusive deals for the content. They're gonna have to pivot their model at some stage.

Dave Harris

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Sean Callanan Speaks

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Highlights from podcast with Dave Harris

4:02 Dave Harris’ background to sports business from physio to esports

5:33 Starting Guinevere Capital

10:09 Transitioning from traditional sports to esports

10:58 Investing in League of Legends team LG Dire Wolves

13:45 Building the Esports High Performance Centre in Sydney sports precinct

15:16 How the Esports High Performance Centre helps leverage esports players and coaches

19:34 How Dire Wolves fans have responded to the membership programs

23:05 Why sponsors are entering esports

26:17 Melbourne esports open

27:35 The opportunities for esports and League of Legends in international market

30:47 Dave’s future plans for LG Dire Wolves and esports

40:27 Sports Geek Closing Five

47:40 Sports Geek Nation is now LIVE

52:09 Sean goes on another #SportsGeekTrip in the US – Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, Washington, LA

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More about the Dire Wolves and the Esports High Performance Centre

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