On this episode Sean Callanan discusses the exciting news with Sports Geek joining the world of esports after winning the bid for a team in the Oceanic Pro League. Sean discusses how the OPL bid process unfolded with Andrew Walton.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Why Sean was excited about esports
  • How podcast guests and conferences have been so important
  • The process of working on the pitch to Riot Games
  • How PAX can help you understand the gaming community
  • What opportunities does esports industry offer
  • What are the challenges in starting your own esports team
  • Sean answers the esports questions of his Twitter followers
  • Why you should attend League of Origin on November 17
Learn more about the Sports Geek OPL story

Go behind the scenes of the Sports Geek OPL bid

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Our fave quote from this episode

“Gaming as an industry is massive. Esports is obviously inside that. There are more than enough fans in gaming to make esports a huge success.”

Sean Callanan

Join OPL's newest team – powered by Sports Geek

Sports Geek joins the OPL

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from this podcast

4:18 Andrew Walton on his current role at MPower MSL

5:43 How the idea of getting into esports started for Sean Callanan

8:09 How Sports Geek’s working relationship with MPower MSL led to an esports team

11:24 Why attending to PAX Australia why so important to understand the gaming community

17:10 Inside the pitch to Riot Games for OPL 2019

21:41 Sean answers the esports questions from OPL fans from Twitter

36:29 Sean addresses the questions on being a “front”

41:49 Learn more about the Digital to Dollars process on DigitaltoDollars.com

42:36 Are you looking for athlete digital training? Go to SportsGeekHQ.com/socialmediaathletetraining

43:06 Join Sports Geek Nation now

Some tweets/posts you may have missed

Big announcement, well received on Twitter.

Thanks for the support from the team at Riot Games throughout the process.

Appreciate Sports Geek Nation foundation member Andrew Wray supporting our bid.

Great questions from the OPL Twitter Army

Thanks to the following @OPL tweeps how tweeted in questions, they have won a double pass to League of Origin Grand Final get your tickets now.

All questions and comments followed this tweet.

League Of Origin - November 17

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This week Tim Mullaly Club Digital Support Manager at the Australian Football League will take on the Sports Geek Nation Ask Me Anything stage.

Prior to joining the AFL, Tim worked in media and advertising for non-sports related agencies. In 2014, he made a move to Multi Channel Network where he looked after sport sales across Fox Sports, AFL and NRL digital platforms in the Melbourne market. His experience in public relations, writing and digital marketing paved the way for him to join one of the biggest sports leagues in Australia.

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Sports Geek Nation AMA with Tim Mullaly

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Always something to learn

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Fitzymate from USA on March 31, 2017

A must listen for anyone working on the sports industry. Sean covers a raft of topics with a strong focus on digital, marketing, sponsorship in the sports industry. He discusses these topics with a wide array of guests from multiple markets. As a result you always have something new to learn and to look to put to work whether you work agency, league or team side. Keep it up Sean!

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