Sean chats with Bill Schlough CIO for San Francisco Giants in the Giants dugout at AT&T Park during the recent #SportsGeekTrip. Sean and Bill chats about ballpark technology, Giants culture and his role at San Jose Giants.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Bill Schlough on how his two-decade long career at the Giants started
  • How the Giants tech team developed ballpark technology at AT&T Park
  • The importance of technology for their fans and business
  • How makes the Giants' culture sets it apart
  • Bill on taking a leadership role at San Jose Giants
  • Learn more about Sports Geek Nation
  • Looking back at 200 episodes of Sports Geek
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Sean Callanan Speaks

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Bill Schlough

5:30 Bill Schlough on how his 20-year career started with the Giants and how it has evolved over the years

8:08 Developing ballpark technology at AT&T Park in the early days

12:08 The three areas of technology they apply at the Giants – fan, player and business technology

14:52 What excites the Giants tech team about future tech

15:35 The importance of technology in baseball draft

18:30 Leveraging technology to win games and championships

18:48 Bill on taking a leadership role at San Jose Giants

21:38 What makes the Giants culture special

27:08 What inspires the Giants to keep stadium facilities updated

30:27 Sports Geek Closing Five

43:00 Sean thanks everyone for Sports Geek’s 200th episode

44:13 Sean chats more about Sports Geek Nation Foundation membership

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