In a long overdue chat Sean catches up with Bryan Srabian, Digital Digital Media at the San Francisco Giants about his role at the Giants and how digital has changed over the years

On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn:

  • Why winning is a great marketing strategy but you can't bank on it
  • What social media was like in the early days for Giants
  • How Silicon Valley and savvy San Francisco fans pushed the Giants
  • Why watching where the fans are headed on line and mobile is important
  • What are the key metrics for Bryan to measure engagement
  • How important the wi-fi infrastructure has been at AT&T Park
  • How Bryan's background in game entertainment helps him engage fans at the park
  • Bat Kid, amazing story that the Giants were lucky to be part of
  • Why social media ROI is a long game
Bryan Srabian from San Francisco Giants talks about sports digital and social media on Sports Geek Podcast

Resources from the podcast

On ROI this from Gary Vanyerchuk

Posts from Bryan Srabian and Giants you may have missed

Giants staying in the news

Bryan tweeted this just prior to our interview and reached the 1000 RTs milestone he looks for.

Bryan in the thick of the action

Some MLB Social stats for Post season

Always learn from other teams and industries, here is the Mariners activation discussed on the podcast.

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