Sports Geek Podcast Presented by SEAT ConferenceHere is the the mega interview SEAT Conference edition of the Sports Geek Podcast in this episode you'll hear from Kevin Naylor (Indiana Pacers) and Steve Conley (Boston Red Sox) what it is like working in the sports IT industry, Russell Scibetti (New York Jets) will continue his Q&A of Paul Greenberg on CRM and we look back at #SEAT2013 with team #blackshirts members BJ Scott and Colin Stoffel.  A #SEAT2013 recap couldn't be done without chatting to Christine Stoffel and Tod Caflisch about Kansas City and the plans for SEAT 2014 in New York.

More specifically, in this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • Why IT is an exciting space in sports
  • How stadiums are getting closer to solving “the wi-fi problem”
  • How CRM practices in sports stack up against other industries
  • Why sentiment in sports may be misleading
  • The importance of networking when trying to break into sports
  • Why SEAT peer driven conference strategy works

#SEAT2013 at Sporting ParkResources from the episode

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