Another footy season comes to an end in Australia with the AFL & NRL Grand Finals this weekend.  Each year we check in with Facebook and Twitter to see how the teams stack up.

Some stats that jumped out at us:

Please look back at previous analysis of AFL and NRL social media numbers in 20142013 comparing leagues around the world and 2011 (battle for social media fans back in March 2011) and (September 2011) as well as SSMI in 2010 in AFL.

AFL on Facebook & Twitter

AFL Social Media Numbers 2015

NRL on Facebook & Twitter

NRL Social Media Numbers 2015
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AFL & NRL on Facebook

NRL Teams Over 300000 Facebook Fans
300K Facebook Fans AFL Teams
AFL teams with 200000 Facebook Fans
NRL Teams with over 200K Facebook fans
NRL Teams with over 200K Facebook fans
AFL reaching 3.1M Facebook fans

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NRL & AFL on Twitter

NRL Teams With 60K Twitter Fans
Six AFL Teams with 60000 Twitter fans
NRL Teams with less than 40,000 fans on Twitter
AFL Teams Under 40000 Twitter
AFL Club Twitter fans approaching 1M
NRL Club totals over 700K on Twitter

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Way to go Sports Geek clients

We work with the big NRL clubs on Facebook
On AFL our clients lead the way on Facebook
Our clients know how to tweet as well in NRL
On AFL our clients lead the way on Twitter