At Sports Geek, we believe that Facebook is a powerful tool in building your digital fan base. To assist with leveraging Facebook to help you reach your fans, we have developed our Understanding Facebook Data guide to take you through the process, the Sports Geek way.

What you'll learn

  • Why targeting the right audience is important for your marketing campaigns
  • The process of building your Digital Cheer Squad based on traffic, engagement, video views and customer data
  • How to use your existing data to potentially target for things like ticketing, merchandise and membership
  • How to actually setup your Facebook audience for your advertising campaigns
  • How Facebook's advertising platform can help you in reaching your fans

Who is this for?

  • Digital marketers looking to better understand Facebook Data
  • Ticket & Membership sales looking to leverage Facebook fan base to sell more tickets
  • Sponsorship staff looking to amplify partner campaigns


Facebook provides vital demographic info to be able to better understand your fans. Once you can understand your data, you can then look at how you might use the advertising platform the Facebook offers to reach those fans. At Sports Geek, we find these audience building processes to be effective for both our internal ads as well as with our clients.

We hope this guide is able to help you understand your data better and prepare you to build your Facebook Ad Campaigns. Thank you for always supporting Sports Geek.

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Here's the good news!

In our second guide, we'll take you to the process of building your Facebook Ad Campaigns – the Sports Geek way. You can now download Building Your Facebook Campaigns via this link.