The news that Facebook is changing the Facebook News Feed algorithm could (and most likely) have a big impact on digital publishers in 2018.

On this video you'll learn:

  • How to stay in front of News Feed Changes
  • Where to get the latest news from Facebook
  • What is Mark Zuckerberg's track record on announcements and changes to Facebook
  • What will change for users on Facebook?
  • What do leading analysts think of proposed changes?
  • Behind the scenes look at how Sean Callanan collects and reviews digital trends
  • What will this mean for sports digital teams and commercial teams?
Sean Callanan looks at the upcoming Facebook News Feed changes

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Resources from the video

Here is a link to the Google doc from the video

Ben Thompson from Stratechery and Exponent podcast

Facebook’s Motivations –  It is increasingly clear that there are two types of social apps: one is the phone book, and one is the phone.   

Listen to Exponent Podcast ep – Addicted to Facebook

What does Mark Zuckerberg say about Facebook News Feed?

From Zuck's FB – News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do — help us connect with each other.

Remember this? Personalised newspaper call in 2014

Facebook & Sports?

However, the trend in sponsorship is toward meaningful partnerships between brands and rights holders where results are measured beyond traditional awareness and reach metrics.  Agree with this from Digiday

Sports can still go viral – Minnesota Miracle – Congrats Scott Kegley, listen to him discuss those LOUD Vikings fans here

Facebook & Sports Rights… hire new sports exec Peter Hutton for Facebook Live rights push.

What is Facebook Saying?

What is Digital Industry Saying?

Paul Wallbank on Mumbrella – Set for drastic fall in traffic

Adam Mosseri, Facebook's head of the News Feed has said, “There will be less video” and “there will be less content directly from pages.”  

Mari Smith on Facebook News Feed changes

Facebook *needs* to ensure that user sentiment can be sustained at a strong, positive level long into the future. In order for users to keep coming back to Facebook, they have to feel *good* about their experience.

Who it will hurt most – publishers (will it include sports?)

Agencies will need to be smarter

Gizmodo not convinced about surveys

FB changes to news feed – Too many videos

Snap trying to be the alternative

What are you saying?  Social Media round up


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