In this episode Sean Callanan chats with former Atlanta Hawks and NBA digital executive Micah Hart:

  • What the early days of NBA Digital looked like
  • How Micah was early on podcasting curve at NBA
  • The perfect match of rebrand, voice & on court success lead to a special season for Hawks
  • How Atlanta Hawks treat digital and a communications and entertainment channel
  • Why NBA Digital family is competitive and collaborative
  • Should teams share content from other sites?
  • Long form vs short form – what works best and where
  • Taking skills from sports to corporate world
  • Storytelling is a key ingredient to digital success
Micah Hart on working in NBA at Atlanta Hawks

Resources from the podcast

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Micah knows sports…

Fan response to emoji keyboard, best explained with gifs

It is moments like this that make working in sports awesome and so worth it.

Behind the scenes at Hawks with legendary Dominique Wilkins

Digital & websites have come so far…

Nique statue launch


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Micah Hart on Atlanta Hawks & NBA Digital Transcription