Sean Callanan chats with Live Graphic Systems founder Luke McCoy about his startup and how it is opening up broadcast and commercialisation options for sports at all levels.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Luke McCoy on building a startup
  • How Live Graphic Systems started
  • The opportunities in the live streaming landscape
  • The key partnerships Live Graphic Systems built in the past months
  • How they are helping their clients monetise from digital through their platform
  • The potential of getting Live Graphic Systems into the esports space

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Luke McCoy on automating graphics on sport live streams

Gone are the days of putting four logos and watermarks up on in each corner of a livestream and in a static bug and no halftime stat. People have an expectation and a brand has an expectation. So that's where we come in and then we automate that entire process.

Luke McCoy, Live Graphic Systems

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About Luke McCoy

Luke McCoy had always looked forward in being involved in the sports business scene. With a degree in Sports Science from the University of New Castle, Luke interned for different sports organisations like the Central Coast Mariners and the Sydney Kings. In 2012, he founded Virtual Performance Analysis (VPA), a video production company providing elite high performance strategies, video recording and analysis services to National Sporting Organisations, state associations and teams, individual athletes and other sporting and corporate events.

While VPA had a successful run, the need to upscale the business became ideal when sports live streams started as well as the outpouring requests of clients wanting a graphic or branding in videos. Thus, Luke came up with the Live Graphic Systems or LIGR.

According to Luke, “Live Graphic Systems is a white-labelled automatic graphics platform that helps sports leagues personalise and scale out live streams while attracting revenue from brands.”

Live Graphic Systems has been working with several world leading organisations and technologies around sports and broadcast like InteractSport, SportsRadar and Champion Data.

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Highlights from podcast with Luke McCoy

3:28 A brief intro on what is Live Graphic Systems (LIGR) and what does it do

4:46 How Luke McCoy got in to the sports business scene

5:36 How Live Graphic Systems started

11:10 How LIGR help their clients monetise through their platform

15:39 The opportunities and challenges in the live streaming landscape

20:02 Live Graphic Systems’ key partnerships in the last 6 months

22:57 How they are using data insights in producing client content

24:52 What are the platforms they are using to analyse data metrics

26:59 How LIGR is helping big brands connect with the community

28:17 Luke’s thought on getting LIGR into the esports space

34:23 The LIGR process – how clients can get the full features

39:00 Sports Geek Closing Five

50:17 Learn more about Sports Geek’s Digital to Dollars process

How Live Graphic Systems work in football and basketball


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