In this Sports Geek solo episode, I discuss the Pro Bowl Games and the Super Bowl LVIII events, which made for an incredible two weeks in the USA

On this podcast, you'll learn about:

  • How we planned out the content capture for @NFLAUNZ channels
  • What we were looking to do and why
  • The importance of being nimble and throwing away ideas that don't work
  • How to use props and accents to gain attention
  • Pushing our KPIs – Kelce Performance Indicators
  • Who I interviewed that was a career highlight and what was required next.
  • What tools we use at Sports Geek to execute on the road
Sean Callanan on Super Bowl LVIII Recap

Sean recounts is content capture adventure on Sports Geek

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Travis Kelce “Down Under”

@nflaunz #SBOpeningNight (Travis' version) with the question all @NFL Swifties want to know... #nfl #nflplayoffs #kelce #taylorswift #swift #traviskelce ♬ original sound - NFLAUNZ

Mitch Wishnowsky an Aussie Fave

@nflaunz Aussie Mitch Wishnowsky shares his tboughts before his 2nd Super Bowl #nfl #nflplayoffs #sblviii #fttb #49ers #sanfrancisco ♬ original sound - NFLAUNZ

George Kittle gets a hat upgrade (apologies for throw I am coming off shoulder surgery)

@nflaunz That’s not a hat… That’s a hat! Glad you enjoyed your Aussie gift Kittle! @NFL 🇦🇺 #nfl #nflplayoffs #sblvii #49ers #fttb #sanfrancisco ♬ original sound - NFLAUNZ

SpongeBob & Patrick finished video (stay tuned for a BTS video).

@nflaunz #SBLVIII is coming to Bikini Bottom! #SuperBowl #NFL 📺 @Nickelodeon @Paramount+ Australia ♬ original sound - NFLAUNZ

Thanks Scott Kegley (NFLAUNZ video to come)

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