Sean catches up with Glenn Lovett at the Nielsen Sports headquarters in the financial district of New York to discuss global trends in digital and broadcasting.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • Glenn Lovett on his 13-year footy career
  • Getting an MBA and starting his own business
  • Glenn's role at Nielsen Sports
  • How Nielsen Sports work to get sponsorship valuations
  • The opportunities of sports in global market
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Glenn Lovett quote

The beauty of digital and social is that you can actually measure engagement as well so you go through likes and shares and comments and all sorts of different things as well. Leagues and teams are spending a lot more time, effort, money, resources in trying to engage their fans through digital and social.

Glenn Lovett

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About Glenn Lovett

Glenn Lovett was a former football player representing Melbourne in the VFL/AFL. He played for 13 years and once received the Keith ‘Bluey' Truscott Medal for being the best and fairest player of Melbourne Football Club. When he was heading towards the end of his football career, Glenn completed his MBA and started a career in sports business. He co-founded Crowe Lovett, now known as the Gemba Group, an Australian sports consultancy before joining Repucom as the Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and India. He became the President of Global Strategy and Consulting at Nielsen after the latter acquired Repucom.

Thanks again to Glenn Lovett from Nielsen Sports.

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Highlights from podcast with Glenn Lovett

4:23 Glenn Lovett on how his football career started and getting into sports business

8:27 Starting a sports consultation business Crow Lovett now known as Gemba Group

12:40 Glenn’s role at Nielsen Sports

11:00 How Nielsen Sports work on sponsorship valuations

15:31 How social media platforms add value and develop businesses

16:50 Amazon and Facebook impacting sports rights and deals

20:11 Leveraging content for sponsors and brands

25:35 Sports opportunities in the US market

29:14 Glenn’s insights on Chinese sports market

28:44 Sports Geek Closing Five

41:06 Sean thanks everyone he met at SEAT Dallas

45:10 Sean chats more about the Digital to Dollars workshop – is now live

48:54 Sports Analytics Conference on Aug. 10

49:34 Sports Geek Nation is now live

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Terrific for sports professionals

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The Sports Geek Podcast by Sean Callanan is a great sports podcast and does a deep dive into the business side of sports. He has educational guests who are knowledgeable on the ever-changing digital and media landscape. This is must-subscribe podcast.

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