Matthew Pavlich is a Fremantle Dockers champion on this podcast you'll find out how footy has changed and how he is finding life after footy including helping sports stars find more speaking opportunities with Pickstar platform.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • A look back at the start of Matthew's career in footy
  • The challenges of playing in AFL and balancing family and business interests
  • The transition from footy to business
  • How Pickstar started and how it has pivoted
  • How the AFL Players Association helps players
  • What changes he has seen in the AFL landscape over the years
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Matthew Pavlich on assessing opportunities

I keep my cards pretty close to my chest but always go into a meeting with someone with an open mind to think, “Well, who knows where this might develop?”

Matthew Pavlich

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About Matthew Pavlich

Matthew Pavlich is a former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Fremantle Dockers in AFL. He served as a club captain for nine years with numerous awards and represented Australia multiple times internationally. Matthew played 353 games and reached 700 career goals in his career before hanging up his jersey in 2016.

Matthew has been enjoying life after footy and has been focusing on developing Pickstar, the business he teamed up with former Adelaide Crows' player James Begley. Pickstar is a state-of-the-art booking management platform that allows you to connect directly with elite athletes, legends and sports personalities for campaigns, gigs, events, fan meet, etc.

Thanks again to Matthew Pavlich from Pickstar for being this week's guest.

Resources from the podcast

Highlights from podcast with Matthew Pavlich

3:31 Matthew Pavlich on how his footy career started

3:49 Getting drafted by Fremantle Dockers

5:44 How the AFL game landscape changed through the years

7:28 How the AFLPA helps players have a voice

8:27 The relevance of social and digital platforms to AFL and players

11:33 How Matthew transitioned from footy to business

17:58 His journey 18 months after his retirement

21:31 Teaming up with James Begley to start Pickstar

28:50 The challenges of starting up a business

31:04 The changes he’s seen on the AFL games and coverage

37:31 Sports Geek Closing Five

43:34 Sports Geek Nation Facebook Group and possibly first member meetup

46:25 Sean speaks more about the upcoming #SportsGeekTrip and SEAT Dallas

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Thanks for the review on iTunes

Incredibly informative

★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by armatt from Australia on May 22, 2017

I thought I had an okay core of knowledge in digital, until I started listening to this podcast. I'm learning so much from Sean and his guests, while being entertained. Outstanding.

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