Sean Callanan chats with San Jose Sharks' Vice President, Business Analytics & Technology Neda Tabatabaie in the this Sports Geek interview

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Neda got her start in sports in Toronto
  • Why Neda was an original “Sports Geek”
  • What it was like as sports starting to understand the importance of data
  • The importance of showing incremental success is the key to your data journey
  • The advantage of being able to work across multiple teams at MLSE
  • Why Neda made the move to San Jose and the draw of Silicon Valley
  • How Women of Teal started and why it is important to build and test on new initiatives
  • How technology is bringing a new layer of data for analysis and efficiencies
  • What teams are looking for in staff wanting to work with data in sports
  • How data analysis in sports is very different that traditional business
Neda Tabatabaie - San Jose Sharks

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Love this, quick merch turnaround.

Congrats on the SBJ Gamechangers award

Funny but too close to the mark sometimes, as recommended by Neda

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Great insights into sports business ★★★★★

Been listening to Sports Geek for years love the insights into the sports business. Highly recommend for any sports fan or someone who works in sports.
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