Kevin Cote Warriors on Sports Geek PodcastOn this week's Sports Geek podcast I catch up with a couple of good friends on on either side of the globe. Kevin Cote from the Golden State Warriors and Jesper Nyholm from Danish Olympic Committee about video, engaging fans and digital initiatives in health.

On this podcast you’ll learn from about:

  • What an off season looks like for NBA teams
  • How Warriors are growing a fan base in China
  • What sports teams can learn from Jimmy Fallon
  • How much video do you fans really want?
  • Why the best ideas for content can come from outside your digital team.
  • How to engage fans in between games, even Olympic games
  • How Danish Olympic Committee is helping corporates get healthy
  • How you can with a Sports Geek T-Shirt.

Resources from the episode

What the Warriors have been up to

Consider yourself warned… don't Google Kevin

One of my fave tweets from #SEAT2014

Chatting with podcast guests Kenny Lauer, Oscar Ugaz and Richard Clarke, thanks Kevin for snapping it.

Happy Warriors

Connect with Jesper

Bringing Sports Geek to Denmark.

Challenging corporate staff to get healthy.

Social Media Post of the Week

Congrats to Cristiano Ronaldo on reaching 100 Million Facebook fans

Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook infographic

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